Like A Drug

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I've gotta confess it now
You're spinning my head around
I'm ready to take you down
So cure me of all that i've got

I'm begging to let you in
And craving to feel your skin
Yeah you're my medicine
So take the torture, make it stop

I want a piece of you,
Don't know what i'm gonna do (oh)
If i can't have you tonight

You're what i need to taste
On my lips and on my waist (oh)
You make me feel alright

I can't breathe till i have you injected into my veins
You're like a drug, like a drug (x2)
I can't sleep until i have you taking over my brain
You're like a drug, like a drug (x2)
Like the air i breathe, i need you up inside of me, up inside of me
You please me when i am on the verge of going insane
You're like a drug, like a drug (x2)

I'm aching to get my fix
I'm loving you in the mix
And loving your bag of tricks
So come fill the void in my heart

I don't wanna suffocate
Just want you to mask the pain
Without you i'd fall apart

Inject me, abuse me
Protect me, confuse me
Control me, caress me
Own me, sex me
Flip me, twist me
Give me… ecstasy
Without you… i'm dying
I need you… inside me

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