Like a Sacrilege

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Sepulchral voices, perpetual night, lost by
one of them is feeling the sepulchral time
near me, the bloody crypts, frozen by
fright sacrosanct spirits awake of an eternal

Profaning the crypts they are alive
destruction of the sacred ground the
spirit's forces... attack...

Death shall rise, ancient warriors
of a barbarian empire...
legions of death, impending souls for
your sacrilege...
transcend the world, no escape for me the
darkness age...
when will it fall, my life is ending like
a sacrilege...

Beyond my illusions, lord of all evil
the fears, the tears and prayers
the vengeance of living dead
it is my life, for the ritual
infernal damnation for my eternal fate

it's for you, I just want to be alive

I must die, for my misery, in your eyes
your bleeding tears of a damned blood