Like Fallen Stars

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Like Fallen Stars
My memory is a bloody wound that has been draining my brain…
It is devouring me from inside…
I was unconscious all past years
And I will remain this way in the future.

Oh, abyss of the oceans of consciousness!
All my life I have been reaching for you.
I looked back only after losing it,
But the flame of sorrow burnt everything inside.

Oh, fragrance of the night that used to be in my heart so long ago.
I was only able to sense a bitter taste of losses…
I remember sweet breath of the wind and the sounds of that forest
But where am I now?

Oh, forgotten tears and revelations of the soul.
Who can see the misery in me
Along with the fear depriving me of the last thoughts?
And my memory escapes from me as if in a phantasmal dream

You have deceived me, and taken what I used to have…
And all the bridges to the places where we're expected, have been burnt down
My chances of jumping are like fallen stars,
But I will get the chance of salvation

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