Protest The Hero

Limb From Limb

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Split the sky asunder
Noble huntress
Of the clan

In your left hand
Raise the sword
In your right hand
Cast a spear
Summon all the thieves
And bastards
Hiding in the woodland

Crack thier skulls
Into the couldron
For invading our frontier
The shadows fall
The hammer falls
The stone is placed
Above us all

Forge our weapons
In the furnace
Soar to heights
Like oak trees tall

Do not beg before me
I will not head your appeals
With your final words be
Gratefull you died
Bby Irish steel

Do not crawl befor us
For your fate
Has been revealed
The heavens will not
Desecrate thier gates
With your admittance

Do not beg before me
I will not head your appeals
With your final words
Be gratefull you died
By Irish steel

Do not beg before me
Your fate
Has been revealed

Do not crawl before me
I'll not head your appeal

Son of flesh
I cast you out
Into exile forever hence

Flidais rides again (2x)

She is the forest
And she is the rain
She is the huntress
And she is the prey
She is the dusk
She is the dawn
She is the moon
She is the sun

See her bellow out
See her
See her
Bellow out in anger
See her raise
The infant fawn
She is drawn
By a cart of cervidae

She is here (5x)

Autor(es): Arif Mirabdolbaghi / Luke Hoskin / Moe Carlson / Rody Walker / Tim Millar

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