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I was born in a hospital
That was very big and white
The hands of a male doctor
Pulled me into the light
My grandmother cut
The umbilical cord
And I took my first breath
In a maternity ward

They gave me food and shelter.
They gave me clothes and things
I was allowed to go to school
And I was encouraged to sing
I was healthy
I was a privileged soul
And I am lucky today
And thankful on the whole

I am called Scorpio,
If they got the date right
I cannot transcend this caste
Even if I tried

I hope to kill
A great lion someday
And I will because with
Work ethic I was raised

Fire, Water, Earth, Wind have gone
To Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John

Elements are assigned
Stars given names
Baseball on T.V., pictures in frames
I am still hunting
For the hide of such sheen
My hair is still curly
And my eyes are still green

Stick a needle in my eye
I'm middle class 'til the day I die

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