Julian Lennon


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You think you know what makes me happy
You think you know what makes me cry
You think you know everything about me
Well, from the horse's mouth it's lies

You say you know the situation
You say you understand just why
You know shit about absolutely nothing
You're gonna get no clues from this guy

You should think about not faking all the time
Discretion is a word that's always on my mind

Don't make me listen
I just can't listen
'Cause it brings me down; you're such a clown
Just take that red nose off your face
Don't you feel ashamed?
Don't you feel disgraced?

You're afraid to admit to being guilty
You're afraid to stare at your face
And you pretend that life is always rosy
Wake up and join the human race

How can you honestly say you love me
When you can't even love yourself?
You think your word is Gospel now
You're just repeating past opinions





Autor(es): Julian Lennon

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