Bessie Smith

Bessie was more than just a friend of mine
We shared the good times with the bad
Now many a year has passed me by
I still recall the best thing I ever had

I'm just goin' down the road t' see Bessie
Oh, See her soon
Goin' down the road t' see Bessie Smith
When I get there I wonder what she'll do

Now all the crazy things I had to try
Well I tried them all and then some
But if you're lucky one day you find out
Where it is you're really comin' from

Now in my day I've made some foolish moves
But back then, I didn't worry 'bout a thing
And now again I still wonder to myself
Was it her sweet love or the way that she could sing

There's so much time has gone right on by
I didn't think one could be so wrong
And then one night I was drinkin' and a-thinkin'
In the bottom of the glass I could see Bessie's face so strong

When she sees me will she know what I've been through?
Will old times start to feelin' like new?
When I get there will our love still feel so true?
Yet all I have, I'll be a-bringin' it to you
Oh Bessie, sing them old-time blues

Autor(es): Rick Danko, Robbie Robertson