Cover Down, Break Through

Well you heard about Pharaoh's army
Tramping through the mud
Heard about the Hebrew children
Redeemed by blood
Same spirit running in you
That raised Christ from the dead
If you're quick and you know about it
Then let him under your head.

Cover down, cover down, break through
Cover down, cover down, break through.

We need that protection
Of the full armour of the Lord
The word of God is more powerful
Sharper than any double sided sword
The hammer of salvation
The blade of righteousness
Genesis to revelation
Repent and confess.

Wake up early in the morning
Turning from side to side
Something giving you the warning
You can't run and you can't hide
Demands are laid upon you
Burdens you can't bear
Sins you can't even remember
Are always waiting to greet you there.

You got an image of yourself
But you have built it all alone
It's got to come tumbling down
Just like the walls of stone
You will be separated
From everything you seem to be
You think you'll be liberated
But the grave won't set you free.

Autor(es): Bob Dylan