A Long Time A-Growin'

Oh the trees they grow tall and the leaves they are green.
And many a time my true love i've seen.
And many a night how I walked all alone
When my Johnny was a long time a-growin'.

I remember so well over my father's wall
I heard the boys a-singin', i could hear them dancin' call.
And my own true love was the fairest of them all
He's young but he's daily a-growin'.

Oh father, dear father, you've done me great wrong,
You've married me off to a boy that's much too young.
Oh, I am twice twelve, and he's but fourteen.
He's young but he's daily growin'.

Oh daughter, dear daughter, I have done you no wrong.
I've married you to a rich man's son.
For he will be a lord for you to wait upon.
Yes, he's young but he's daily a-growin'.

At the age of fourteen he was a married man
At the age of fifteen the father of a son
At the age of sixteen, his grave it was green
And death put a stop to his growin'.

But he born me one son, so i can pass the time
Watchin' my boy rise to grow a year
An' I will watch him rise till he's become a man.
He's young now but he's daily a-growin'.

Autor(es): Popular irlandesa