Marchin' To The City

Well, I'm sitting in church in an old wooden chair
I knew nobody would look for me there
Sorrow and pity rule the earth and the skies
Looking for nothing anyone's eyes

Once I had pretty girl, did me wrong
Now I'm marching to the city and the road ain't long

Snowflakes are falling around my head
Lord have mercy it feel heavy like lead
I been hit too hard, seen too much
Nothing can heal me now but your touch

Loneliness got a mind of its own
The more people around the more you feel alone
I'm chained to the earth like a silent slave
Trying to break free out of death's dark cave

Boys in the street beginning to play
Girls like birds flying away
I'm carrying the roses that were given to me
And I'm thinking about paradise wondering what it might be

Go over to London maybe gay Paree
Follow the river you get to the sea
I was hoping we could drink from life's clear streams
I was hoping we can dream life's pleasant dreams

Well, the weak get weaker and the strong stay strong
The train keeps rolling all night long
She looked at me with an irresistible glance
With a smile that could make all the planets dance

My house is on fire, burning to the skies
I thought the rain clouds but the clouds passed by
When I'm gone you'll remember my name
I'm gonna win my way to wealth and fame

I don't know

Autor(es): Bob Dylan