Talking Folklore Center

I came down to New York town,
Got out and started walking around,
I's up around 62nd Street,
All of a sudden comes a cop on his beat;
Said my hair was too long,
Said my boots were too dirty,
Said my hat was un-American,
Said he'd throw me in jail.

So I got on a subway and took a seat
Got out on 42nd Street.
I met this fellow named Delores there,
He started rubbin' his hands through my hair --
I figured somethin' was wrong,
So I ran through ten hot-dog stands, four movie houses,
And a couple a dancing studios to get back on the subway train.

The wind it blew me north and south,
It blew me in a coffee house.
I met this fellow with sun glasses on,
He told me he sung folksongs --
I believed him 'cause he was wearing sun glasses.

He sung "Scarlet Ribbons" 'bout ten times or more,
He sung "Michael Row The Boat Ashore. "
He sung "Where Do All The Flowers Go? "
There was no folksong he didn't know --
The ones he didn't know he didn't like anyway.

On MacDougal Street I saw a cubby hole,
I went in to get out of the cold,
Found out after I'd entered
The place was called the Folklore Center --
Owned by Izzy Young --
He's always in back --
Or the center.

They got real records and real books,
Anybody can walk in and look.
You don't have to own a Cadillac car,
Or a nine hundred and fifty-two dollar guitar --
Do like most people do --
Walk in --
Walk around --
Walk out.

But that's not the way you see,
That ain't the way it oughta be,
There's just one way a lookin' at it,
You shouldn't take this place for granted --
That'll always be here.

So go down and buy a record or book,
Don't just walk around and look,
You can do that when you go uptown,
When you come down here you're on common ground --
Common people ground --
Common guitar people ground --

Autor(es): Bob Dylan