Talking Hugh Brown

I knew a boy named Hugh Brown
He's the laziest man in town
Got up this morning and combed his hair
He's so lazy, he just don't go anywhere
He just kinda opens his door and walks out
And looks around and walks away

Well, he sprained his arm combing his hair
I don't think that's quite really fair
He lays in bed all the time
I don't think that's very right
He's such a lazy bastard

You know, it was raining the other day,
I mean the other night
And Hugh Brown said
And Hugh Brown, (he's) so lazy that
He said to me, "Bob, it's raining on my bed"
And I says "Oh", and he says "Yeah", and I says "Oh"
Hugh Brown never closed the window

Oh, that's the end

Autor(es): Bob Dylan