VD Seamans Last Letter

When I take my pencil and paper my dear in my hand,
The plans that we dreamed like wild waves like in my mind.
And the cottage and kids that we dreamed of will never come true.
I've got that old siff and I'll not bring it home dear to you.

I can't write so plain for my boat rides a high pitching sea,
As you read my words there's no telling where I would be.
You kept your promise you saved all your kisses for me,
I broke my vows and I'm wrecked with that ol' VD.

I sit on the edge of my bunk dear to write you these lines,
And the rest of my crew they're sleeping the land of their dreams.
As I walk the deck and look out on the ocean an skies
I hear of your weeping my sifless will bring to your life.

I can taste your wet lips as you kissed me goodbye at the pier,
An' the splash of the foams I can hear your sweet words in my ear.
Keep yourself healthy and keep yourself clean oh my dear,
We will kiss again here if your gone for a week or a year.

Each time the wild waves rise up my love sinks more.
My **** I steer right to your shore.
I tossed this away for a drink in that gamblin' house bar,
With the siff as my cargo, I'll dock in your harbour no more.

Well the words of my letters they're soaked in my unfaithful tears,
The storm it is worst and now all of my dreams I have speared
I'll drown in my sifless somewhere in this wild boiling foam.

Come all you salt seamen that walk on that land oR the waves,
Don't let a wild hour (bury)(lose) all your hopes in the grave,
Steer from that quicksand and sail to your brightest of stars.
Don't let that sifless wreck you in these hot fiery waves.

Autor(es): Woody Guthrie