All You Have To Do Is Dream

If the farmer has no silo
And his fuel cost runs up very high
That's just how much I'd love you
If you'd just only let me try.

In some nice young up to date kitchen
Let us get acquainted, dear
Them old floor birds will just quit eatin'
And just grin from ear to ear.

Two floor birds and a prudent baby chick
Yes that ain't much to bust
But restriction causes damage
And damage causes lust.

So poor little girl, come blow this horn
Hard as any whole night seems
It's very easily done actually
All you have to do is dream.

Well, those old back scrapers are a dime a dozen
And I can get a call for a nickle
Yes, but look what an earful I get and it's all awful too
Every time I try to go get me a little tickle.

So, gimme one sweet loaf of bread
Fill it up and I'll be gone
Just like some old floor birds
Who just fly from dawn to dawn.
Oh yes, who fly from dawn to dawn
Look at them old floor birds
Yes, who fly from dawn to dawn...
Oh, fly from dawn to dawn.

Autor(es): Bob Dylan