Muddy Wolf At Red Rocks (Live)

Muddy Wolf At Red Rocks (Live) - Joe Bonamassa
  • 1play We Went Down to the Mississippi Delta... (Live)
  • 2play Muddy Waters Talking (Live)
  • 3play Tiger In Your Tank (Live)
  • 4play I Can't Be Satisfied
  • 5play You Shook Me (Live)
  • 6play Stuff You Gotta Watch (Live)
  • 7play Double Trouble (Live)
  • 8play Real Love (Live)
  • 9play My Home Is On the Delta (Live)
  • 10play All Aboard (Live)
  • 11play Howlin' Wolf Talking (Live)
  • 12play How Many More Years (Live)
  • 13play Shake for Me (Live)
  • 14play Hidden Charms (Live)
  • 15play Spoonful (Live)
  • 16play Killing Floor (Live)
  • 17play Evil (Is Going On) [Live]
  • 18play All Night Boogie (All Night Long) [Live]
  • 19play Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)
  • 20play Oh Beautiful!
  • 21play Love Ain't a Love Song
  • 22play Sloe Gin
  • 23play The Ballad of John Henry
  • 24play Mississippi Heartbeat (Opening Title) [Live]
  • 25play Muddy Wolf (Credits) [Live]

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