The Bachelors, Vol. 1

The Bachelors, Vol. 1 - The Bachelors
  • 1play Charmaine
  • 2play Faraway Places
  • 3play Whispering
  • 4play Long Time Ago
  • 5play Diane
  • 6play I Believe
  • 7play Ramona
  • 8play I Wouldn't Trade You for the World
  • 9play No Arms Can Ever Hold You
  • 10play True Love for Evermore
  • 11play Marie
  • 12play In the Chapel in the Moonlight
  • 13play Hello, Dolly!
  • 14play The Sound of Silence
  • 15play Can I Trust You
  • 16play Walk With Faith in Your Heart
  • 17play Oh How I Miss You
  • 18play Marta

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