We Mafia

We Mafia - The Jacka
  • 1play The Takeover (We Mafia)
  • 2play It's the Jack
  • 3play Moonlight (feat. Bo Strangla)
  • 4play Snow Covered Hands
  • 5play I Killed Him
  • 6play Play Ya Cards (feat. Chosen)
  • 7play Fly SH#T (feat. Doll Face and Mitchy Slik)
  • 8play Bust a Cap
  • 9play Real Niggaz (feat. Lenox and Dojah)
  • 10play Mafia (feat. Big Hollis)
  • 11play Hard Times
  • 12play Tonight
  • 13play Big Time
  • 14play I Want It All (feat. Lace Leno)
  • 15play What's Happening World

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