Straight Drop

Straight Drop - The Jacka
  • 1play Intro
  • 2play Life
  • 3play Back 2 Back (feat. Young Bossi & Bird Money)
  • 4play F*ck N*ggaz (feat. Gap & Ominous)
  • 5play Watchin Me (feat. Ominous)
  • 6play Livin Life (feat. Lil Monie)
  • 7play We Got It Made (feat. HP & Ominous)
  • 8play Tryin To Get It (feat. Carey Stacks)
  • 9play We Come From (feat. Dre Cook)
  • 10play Blow Money (feat. Ace & Lil Rue)
  • 11play Just Came Home (feat. HP & Ominous)
  • 12play Lovin That (feat. HP)
  • 13play We Good (feat. Landoe & Tuff Nitti)
  • 14play Emotionless (feat. Guce)
  • 15play All We Know (feat. Gap & Ominous)
  • 16play Become a Millionaire (feat. Young Bossi)
  • 17play Mislead the Youth (feat. HP)
  • 18play Money Gettaz (feat. Gap)

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