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Alaska Thunderfuck
Erie, PA

March 6, 1985

About Alaska Thunderfuck
Equally influenced by Divine and Britney Spears and named after a strain of marijuana, Alaska Thunderfuck is the drag name of Justin Honard, who was born and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania. Alaska, on the other hand, comes from the planet Glamtron and crash-landed on Earth around 2010 when she joined Sharon Needles' Pittsburgh drag crew, the Haus of Haunt. In 2012, Alaska dropped her last name for a moment and joined the fifth season of the reality television competition RuPaul's Drag Race. The series helped spawn her music career with the 2013 single "Ru Girl," while 2014 saw the release of "Your Makeup Is Terrible." "Hieee" followed in 2015, along with Alaska's debut album, Anus. The singles "Puppet" and "Come to Brazil" preceded 2016's Poundcake, which was named after the puppet character she debuted on the fifth season of RuPaul's Drag Race. ~ David Jeffries

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Snaked (Ellis Miah Mix) - Single - Alaska Thunderfuck
Snaked (Ellis Miah Mix) - Single
Come to Brazil - Single - Alaska Thunderfuck
Come to Brazil - Single
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