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Alaska y Dinarama
About Alaska y Dinarama
In 1978, Olvido Gara (aka Alaska) started a music project called Kaka de Luxe, playing along with Nacho Canut and Carlos Berlanga. The band was part of the Spanish new wave known as Movida Madrileña. When musicians Ana Curra and Eduardo Benavente joined in, its name was changed to Alaska y los Pegamoides, recording its first single called "Horror En El Hipermercado" in 1980, followed by "Otra Dimensión" in 1981. When Alaska y los Pegamoides' debut album came out, a song called "Bailando" climbed on the music charts, consolidating the group internationally. After releasing Alaska y Los Pegamoides in 1982, Curra and Benavente decided to leave to start their own project called Paralisis Permanente. This caused the band to change its name again. The new three-piece act Alaska y Dinarama debuted in 1983 with an album called Canciones Profanas, followed by 1994's Deseo. As the decade moved forward, Alaska y Dinarama completed its discography with the release of 1986's No Es Pecado and 1988's Diez. ~ Drago Bonacich

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No Es Pecado (Remastered)
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