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Alberto Marino
April 26, 1923

About Alberto Marino
Having written the instrumental valse "Rapaziada do Brás" at age 15, Alberto Marino became famous after its recording in 1927 by his Sexteto Bertorino Alma. In 1925 he was one of the founders of the Rádio Educadora Paulista where he presented shows. His most successful compositions were "Luar de São Paulo" (with Alberto Júnior), "Senhoritas do Brás," "O Amor Que Faz Viver" (with Judas Isgorogota), "Meigo Olhar," "Amarga Serenata" (with Jorge Amaral), and "Tudo Passa" (with Marcino Marelo). From 1931 to 1932 he was A&R for Arte-Fone records. Graduated as a violinist, composer, and conductor, he was a professor of the Drama and Music Conservatory of São Paulo and conductor of the Municipal Symphonic Orchestra of São Paulo and of the orchestra of the Colombo theater. In 1960 his son Alberto Marino Júnior wrote lyrics for "Rapaziada do Brás," recorded in the same year by Carlos Galhardo. ~ Alvaro Neder

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