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Alberto Plaza
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Chilean singer and songwriter Alberto Plaza's romantic tunes have been spread throughout Latin America since the mid-'80s. While studying at a local university, Plaza realized his passion for music and poetry. In 1985, the artist came in third place at Viña del Mar's Festival with his song "Que Cante La Vida." That same year, his debut album came out achieving platinum status in Chile and getting its songs played by popular Latin artists such as Valeria Lynch, Carlos Mata, Myriam Hernández, and Nydia Caro. In 1987, En La Escalera was released, followed by 1989's Blanco y Negro, both reaching double platinum. By the early '90s, Alberto Plaza started making appearances in the most important TV shows, getting Latin Star recognition at Don Francisco's Sabado Gigante, La Movida hosted by Verónica Castro, and Raúl Velasco's Siempre en Domingo. Soon after, Plaza came in second place at the OTI Festival with his song "Canción Contra La Tristeza." In February of the year 2000, his song "Que Cante La Vida" was voted as the Best Chilean Song Ever at the Festival de Viña del Mar. ~ Drago Bonacich

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Alberto Plaza - EP
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Claro Que No da Lo Mismo - Single
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Hoy Que No Estas - Single
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