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Alcoholic Faith Mission
Brooklyn, NY


About Alcoholic Faith Mission
The Brooklyn-via-Denmark indie rock ensemble Alcoholic Faith Mission make experimental, if still melodic, folk and avant pop. Formed by vocalist/guitarist Thorben Seierø Jensen and bassist Sune Sølund while the two were living in Brooklyn in 2006, Alcoholic Faith Mission were initially a lo-fi pop affair. In fact, the band's 2006 debut, Misery Loves Company, was largely bedroom pop recorded on a laptop. Eventually, the duo expanded its lineup, adding several new members including vocalist/keyboardist Kristine Permild, drummer Morten Hyldahl, trombonist/guitarist Gustav Rasmussen, and keyboardist/accordionist Anders Hjort. The band released its sophomore effort, 421 Wythe Avenue, in 2009, and returned a year later with Let This Be the Last Night We Care. In 2012, Alcoholic Faith Mission released their fourth studio album, Ask Me This, on Old Flame Records. ~ Matt Collar

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