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About Gehennah
A no-nonsense Swedish hard rock/thrash quartet that splits the difference between the blue-collar swagger of Motörhead and the noxious fury of Venom, Gehennah was founded in 1992. The band issued its debut studio album, Hardrocker, via Primitive Art Records in 1995, and gained a loyal regional following before leaving the label for Osmose Productions and releasing its sophomore long-player, King of the Sidewalk. Decibel Rebel followed in 1998, and the band spent the early part of the new century exploring various avenues of debauchery before releasing the aptly named 10 Years of Fucked Up Behavior EP in 2003. By 2014 the band settled on the lineup of vocalist Mr. Violence, guitarist Rob Stringburner, drummer Hellcop, and bass player Charley Knuckleduster, and issued a new EP/single called Metal Police, which ultimately landed the group a deal with Metal Blade. A new full-length release of the same name, which featured the aforementioned EP, two bonus tracks from the Metal Police sessions, and six re-recorded songs from the group's '90s heyday, dropped in 2015. The following year saw the release of the self-described street-metalers' first collection of all new material for the label, Too Loud to Live, Too Drunk to Die. ~ James Christopher Monger