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Italian-born Alex Masi began his musical undertakings at the age of eight and was playing in bands by his teens. In 1984 he formed the group Dark Lord in Venice. The group released two EP's before calling it quits. In 1987 he released his first full album, Fire in the Rain, with his new band, Masi. The group's second album, Downtown Dreamers, came out shortly after. By this time Masi had decided to try out his hand and recording as a solo artist. His first album, Attack of the Neon Shark, was released in 1989, and began garnering him considerable critical acclaim and even a Grammy nomination. He recorded another solo album, Vertical Invader, shortly after that release. Next came a slow period for Masi, but the band did release two albums in the 1990s. Masi the man's next release was a tribute to Johann Sebastian Bach called In the Name of Bach. 2001 saw the release of Eternal Struggle under the Masi banner. ~ Gary Hill

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Danger Zone - Alex Masi
Danger Zone
Theory of Everything - Alex Masi
Theory of Everything
Late Night At Desert's Rimrock - Alex Masi
Late Night At Desert's Rimrock
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