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With a sound that combines hip-hop, sultry R&B ballads, and funky dance music, 3rd Storee was originally formed during 1997 in the tough south central area of Los Angeles, California, USA. Comprising Kevonté (b. Kevonté Jackson, 6 February 1983, USA), Lil Man (b. Kenneth Pratt, 16 June 1986, USA), DSmoove (b. Dante Clark, 10 February 1983, USA), and Jay-R (b. Barry Reed Jnr., 17 December 1983, USA), the quartet almost immediately made a breakthrough when they were signed by Edmonds Entertainment, and put on tour with Britney Spears. Owing to the success of the tour, 3rd Storee was then invited to open for N Sync on a national US tour, before visiting Europe for the first time during 1998, without even releasing an album. When the group returned back home, 3rd Storee signed a recording contract with Universal Records and completed work on their debut album. By the start of the new millennium lead vocalist Lil Man had made way for new members Json and Gavin. Working with renowned producers such as Nokio and Rodney Jerkins, 3rd Storees second album, Get With Me, was issued in 2002.

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Get Back to Love Again - Single - 3rd Storee
Get Back to Love Again - Single
Leave Ur Man (feat. Bad Lucc) - Single - 3rd Storee
Leave Ur Man (feat. Bad Lucc) - Single
Get With Me ((Clean Voice)) - 3rd Storee
Get With Me ((Clean Voice))