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One of the highly popular singers in the '40s and '50s throughout Brazil, Isaurinha Garcia recorded over 50 rpm and more than ten LPs during her career. The first Rainha do Rádio Paulista (Queen of São Paulo's Radio), in 1953, Garcia had hits in the '40s with "Aperto de Mão," "Mensagem," "De Conversa em Conversa"; in the '50s with "Marrequinha" (Denis Brean/Raul Duarte), "Velho Enferrujado" (Gadé/Valfrido Silva), "Pé de Manacá" (Hervé Cordovil/Marisa Pinto Coelho), and "Mocinho Bonito" (Billy Blanco). In the '60s, she had success with "Tem Bobo Pra Tudo" (Manuel Brigadeiro/João Correia da Silva). When Garcia was 14, she participated in a novice show at Rádio Record, winning first place. In the next year, she was hired by the outing, having remained as one of the main female singers of its cast throughout her career. The first album came in 1941, with "Chega de Tanto Amor" (Mário Lago) and "Pode Ser" (Geraldo Pereira/Marino Pinto). The first hit came in 1943, "Aperto de Mão" (Dino 7 Cordas/Meira/Augusto Mesquita). Two years later, she recorded the classic samba "Mensagem" (Aldo Cabral/Cícero Nunes), and in 1947, she had another hit with the samba "De Conversa em Conversa" (Lúcio Alves/Haroldo Barbosa), recorded later by João Gilberto. In the late '40s, Garcia was already a national success, confirmed by her tours throughout the country. Her first LP was recorded in 1957, A Personalíssima. Married to Walter Wanderley, Garcia had his participation on three LPs: Sempre Personalíssima (1959), Atualíssima (1963) and Sambas da Madrugada (1963). In 1969, Garcia participated in the V Festival de Música Popular Brasileira/FMPB (Brazilian Popular Music Festival, TV Record, São Paulo), with "Primavera" (Lupicínio Rodrigues/Hamilton Chaves). ~ Alvaro Neder

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