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All Good Things
Los Angeles, CA

About All Good Things
All Good Things is a collective of songwriters, studio and touring musicians, producers, and friends who make theatrical hard rock for everything from video games, TV, and movies to advertising, trailers, and live sporting events. Based in Los Angeles, and with industry connections already well established for the bulk of its participants, the project started out as essentially jamming for fun and soon found both industry demand and an international fan base. Noted for high-energy, motivational rock songs they dub "battle rock," the group's lineup has featured vocalists such as Adam Longlands, Dan Murphy, and Joe Pringle, as well as instrumentalists including Phil X and Andrew Bojanic on guitar, Liz Hooper on bass, and Randy Cooke and Tim Spier on drums. After officially adopting the name All Good Things, their early collections included Battle Rock and Battle Rock 2, released by Extreme Music in 2013 and 2014, respectively. All Good Songs arrived on the Superpop label in 2016, followed a year later by Machines. ~ Marcy Donelson

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Acoustic, Vol. 1 - EP - All Good Things
Acoustic, Vol. 1 - EP
Machines (Radio Edit) - Single - All Good Things
Machines (Radio Edit) - Single
The Middle - Single - All Good Things
The Middle - Single
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