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All Out War
Newburgh, NY


About All Out War
All Out War continued to reinforce the sound of New York hardcore by crossing genres of metal and punk that influentially draw from Slayer, Agnostic Front, the Cro-Mags, and Sick of It All. Upon their formation in the early '90s, the metalcore outfit recorded some demos and the 7" Destined to Burn, and played out shows locally around Newburgh and down in N.Y.C. Erik Carrillo (bass), Brad Mader (guitar), Taras Apuzzo (guitar), Matt Byrne (drums), and Mike Score (vocals) released their first album, Truth in the Age of Lies, on the German label Gain Ground in 1997 and embarked on their first tour. The band (whose lineup shuffled throughout its career) would eventually have the chance to share the stage with Deicide, Agnostic Front, Napalm Death, and Earth Crisis, among others. Chicago-based Victory Records put out All Out War's follow-up, For Those Who Were Crucified, in 1998. Tours with Buried Alive, Reach the Sky, and Shadows Fall followed, and after an appearance at the New England Metal Fest in 2001, All Out War broke up. They resurfaced two years later for a benefit show at CBGB, which ultimately led to a new album for Victory that fall entitled Condemned to Suffer. By then, Score and Apuzzo were completed by bassist Andy Pietrolungo, drummer Jesse Sutherland, and guitarist Jose Segarca. That lineup only lasted long enough for a two-week European tour and a bout of dates with Misery Signals before things went sour; everyone but Score left to form Nerve Gas Tragedy. Score eventually welcomed former members Jim Antonelli (guitar) and Erik Carrillo (bass) and longtime friends Jim Bremer (guitar) and Lou Iuzzini (drums) into the All Out War fold; together the quintet recorded April 2007's Assassins in the House of God. ~ Mike DaRonco

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Crawl Among the Filth
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Give Us Extinction
Dying Gods - All Out War
Dying Gods
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