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Sweden's Allegiance champion a black metal style as melodic as it is frenetic, and rich in Viking lore. Formed in 1989, the band gradually developed their grand musical schemes over a series of demo recordings, which quickly became popular collector's items within the heavy metal tape-trading underground. With their lineup consisting of Bogge (vocals & guitar), Para (guitars & vocals), Micke (bass), and sometime-Marduk drummer Fredrik, Allegiance signed with No Fashion Records in 1996 and released their full-length debut, Hymn Till Hangagud; then quickly followed with 1997's Blodornoffer. After extensive touring and Micke's sudden departure, the rest of the band returned to the studio with Hipocrisy guitarist Peter Tagtgren acting as producer for 1999's critically acclaimed Vrede LP. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

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Regular (feat. Marty Jo & Flyy Skyy) - Single - Allegiance
Regular (feat. Marty Jo & Flyy Skyy) - Single
Destitution (Remastered) - Allegiance
Destitution (Remastered)
Desperation - Allegiance
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