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The Joelho de Porco was an important band for the pop/rock scene in Brazil. Blending elements of Tropicália, MPB, and international pop/rock, the band was an important reference for the soon-to-be Brazilian rock movement of the '80s, the first commercially viable attempt to produce rock in Brazil. Their ironic and irreverent attitude also was important for the punk rock of Brazil that hit years later. They left hits like "Boeing 723897," "Meus 26 Anos," "México Lindo" and "Mardito Fiapo de Manga." In 1973, with a new vocalist (Ricardo Petraglia Margutti), the band recorded it's first single, produced by the former Os Mutantes Arnaldo Baptista, Se Você Vai de Xaxado, Eu Vou de Rock 'N'Roll (Sinter/Phonogram), with "Fly America" on the B-side. With frequent changes in its lineup, Joelho de Porco recorded four LPs; the first, titled São Paulo 1554-hoje (1976), was praised by the specialized critics. The band dissolved in 1979, but was regrouped again in 1983 (with Tico Terpins, Próspero, David Drew Zingg, and Zé Rodrix), recording the double-LP Saqueando a Cidade. The band won TV Globo's Festival dos Festivais (1985) in the best lyrics category with "A Última Voz do Brasil." The band was definitively dissolved with Terpins' death by stroke in 1998. ~ Alvaro Neder

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