Lorna Shore
New Jersey


About Lorna Shore
A punishing deathcore unit based out of Warren County, New Jersey, Lorna Shore blends elements of tech, blackened thrash, and metalcore into a breakdown-laden aural assault that echoes contemporaries like Cattle Decapitation, Thy Art Is Murder, and Rings of Saturn. Founded in 2010, the quartet features the talents of vocalist Tom Barber, guitarists Adam De Micco and Connor Deffley, and drummer Austin Archey. In 2010, the band issued their debut EP, the metalcore-heavy Triumph, followed in 2012 by the more progressive deathcore-oriented EP Bone Kingdom. A third EP, Maleficium, dropped in 2013, followed by the group's debut studio long-player, Psalms, in 2015, the latter of which was produced by Fit for an Autopsy's Will Putney. The following year saw the band sign with Outerloop Records and begin work on their sophomore full-length. The resulting Flesh Coffin was released in February 2017. ~ James Christopher Monger