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Los Alegres de Terán
General Terán, Nuevo León, Mexico


About Los Alegres de Terán
Led by accordionist Eugenio Abrego and bajo sexto player Tomás Ortiz, Los Alegres de Terán led the way for intricate duo harmonies within the norteño style of Mexican music. The group was formed in Nuevo León when Abrego and Ortiz met at a club in the mid-'40s, but moved around to Monterrey, Reynosa, and finally the border town of McAllen, Texas.rnBeginning with their first record, 1948's "Corrido de Pepito," the group pioneered rich, harmonic norteño corridos and rancheras, along with Los Cadetes de Linares and Los Tremendos Gavilanes. They recorded over 100 LPs and had hits with many songs, including "Carta Jugada," "Alma Enamorada," and "Entre Copa y Copa." The band also indulged in cross-marketing moves, including a spot on the bill at the first Polka Festival, held in Chicago during the mid-'60s, and an appearance in several movies, notably, the 1961 melodrama Pueblito, directed by Emilio "El Indio" Fernández. Los Alegres de Terán were inducted into the Tejano Conjunto Hall of Fame in 1983, five years before Abrego passed away. Ortiz died in November 2007. Their pioneering influence lives on in the music of artists such as Ramon Ayala, Carlos y Jose, Los Cadetes de Linares, and many more. ~ John Bush

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