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Los Bukis
Ario De Rosales, Michoacán, Mexic


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The Mexican group Los Bukis, an indigenous word that means "the kids," recorded their debut album in 1975. It included Camilo Sesto's "Quieres Ser Mi Amante," a Spanish version of the classic "Feelings," and the band's first original hit, "Falso Amor." The group was formed by singer/songwriter Marco Antonio Solís and his cousin, guitarist Joel Solís, who were previously performing under the name of Los Hermanitos Solís. The original foursome had several changes during the 1980s, being joined by keyboardist Roberto Guadarrama, percussionist and sax player José Guadarrama, who replaced José Javier Solís when the artist decided to start a solo career, bassist Eusebio Cortéz, and drummer Pedro Sánchez. Los Bukis started playing traditional Mexican music, later moving to Latin pop ballads. When the band was at its climax, Marco Antonio Solís also started composing for popular artists such as Marisela and Laura Flores. In 1989, Los Bukis achieved four Lo Nuestro Awards, while its songs were frequently climbing on Latin charts. The group disbanded in 1995 when its leading singer decided to go on his own. ~ Drago Bonacich

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