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Argentinean folk act los Chalchaleros was a project created by four young students from Salta, who met in 1947. On June 16, 1948, Víctor Zambrano, Franco Sosa, Aldo Saravia, and Juan Carlos Saravia made their live debut at Salta's Alberdi Theatre. In 1949, José Saravia joined in, temporarily taking Aldo Saravia's place. In 1953, los Chalchaleros released their debut album, called Exitos De Los Chalchaleros. Soon after, having new members Ricardo Avalos, who replaced Franco Sosa, and Ernesto Cabeza, los Chalchaleros began getting recognition for their performances, characterized for playing a traditional style known as zamba. In 1958, a self-titled record was issued. During the 1960s, the act was frequently touring Argentina, also reaching some important venues throughout South America. In 1967, Ricardo Figueroa replaced Ricardo Dávalos. A tragic event hit the group in 1980, when Ernesto Cabeza passed away, victim of cancer. The musician's place was taken by Facundo Saravia in 1983. ~ Drago Bonacich

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