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In 1963, a group of Chilean students formed a band called the Douglas. Four years later, bassist/singer Luis Muñoz (aka Lucho Muñoz), guitarist Carlos Baeza, keyboardist Jorge Deij, drummer Roberto Zuñiga, sax player Nicolas Parra, and trumpeter Mario Darigo decided to change their name to Los Galos. In 1970, a romantic song called "Como Deseo Ser Tu Amor" became their first hit. "Olvidarte Nunca," "Un Minuto De Tu Amor," and "Perdona Si Me Ves Llorar" followed soon after. Muñoz left the band in 1974 and a year later, Los Galos disbanded.nnIn 1997, Deij and Zuñiga teamed up with trumpet player Leo Nuñez, singer Carlos Peña, bassist Eladio Farias, saxophonist Manuel Antonio Matta, and guitarist Juan Ramón Suazo to make a new record, titled Declaraciones, that was produced in Chile and the U.S. and released in May 1998. ~ Drago Bonacich

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