Nashville, TN


About Loss
A funereal doom metal quartet based out of Nashville, Tennessee, the aptly named Loss specialize in torpid, grief-stricken black metal, and cite "depression, anxiety, failure, illness, disease, despair, pain, and fear" as influences. Formed in 2003 around the talents of vocalist/guitarist Mike Meacham, drummer Jay LeMaire, guitarist Tim Lewis, and bassist John Anderson, the quartet released their debut album, Life Without Hope...Death Without Reason, in 2005 via Deathgasm Records. A split 12" LP with German metallers Necros Christos arrived that same year, as did a very limited split 7" with French/German outfit Worship. Four Burials, a split-EP with Mournful Congregation, Otesanek, and Orthodox, dropped in 2008, followed in 2011 by the full-length Despond, which was released via Profound Lore. 2014's split LP A View from the Rope saw the band sharing duties with Finnish death metal troupe Hooded Menace, and in 2017 they returned with another Profound Lore-issued full-length outing, Horizonless. ~ James Christopher Monger