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Mac Tyer
Aubervilliers, France


About Mac Tyer
Born in Aubervilliers in 1979, rap artist Mac Tyer was originally introduced to French hip-hop audiences as half of the group Tandem, sharing the bill with MC Mac Kregor. Working their way up the grassroots mixtape and showcase ladder, Tandem ultimately released their debut disc, C'Est Toujours Pour Ceux Qui Savent, in 2005. His work on the disc earned Mac Tyer a reputation as an MC with a firm grasp on paradox and capable of lyrical complexity. His rather bleak outlook and hard-edged lyricism were further developed on his solo debut, Patrimoine du Ghetto. Though the album's themes tend to hover around the difficulties and the misery of daily life, the lineup included some considerable bright spots. Guest artists Booba, Wallen, Sefyu, and Nessbeal, to name a few, brought significant star power to the table. Mac Tyer's follow-up record, Le Général, an alias he often uses, featured more politically charged material, partially in response to the riots of 2005. Addressing street life and societal challenges faced by French blacks, Tyer turned a corner with the 2006 release, using his lyrical prowess to do more than entertain. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez