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Son of famous Spanish music star Dyango, Marcos Llunas debuted in 1993 with a self-titled album, produced by his father, receiving good reviews and, soon after, an award from Latin magazine TV y Novelas. A song called "Reconquistarte" became the singer's first hit. To make the following record, Marcos Llunas worked along with well-known Juan Carlos Calderón, issuing Piel A Piel in 1994, consolidating the artist throughout Latin America. Successful shows were performed in Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and Chile. In 1995, Llunas came in first place at the OTI Festival with his song "Eres Mi Debilidad." The following year, the singer was invited to that same event, this time as a member of the panel of judges, a privilege repeated in 1997 at Viña del Mar's Festival. That year, his album Mi Historia was released. ~ Drago Bonacich

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