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99 Posse
Naples, Italy


About 99 Posse
Formed in Naples, Italy in 1991, the 99 Posse blended political hip-hop with reggae and dancehall influences, as well as taking on the hard left-wing activist stance that sometimes accompanied political punk by issuing records with "Pay no more than..." stickers. Early albums were more reggae-flavored, but the band soon moved into more electronic styles, dabbling with drum'n'bass and hip-hop styles. 99 Posse broke up in 2001, but regrouped in 2009 with a new lineup. Released in 2011, Cattivi Guagliuni was their first album of new studio material in ten years and spent some time in the Italian charts.

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Il tempo. le parole. il suono. - 99 Posse
Il tempo. le parole. il suono.
Curre curre guagliò 2.0 - 99 Posse
Curre curre guagliò 2.0
Corto circuito - 99 Posse
Corto circuito
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