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Singer/songwriter from Argentina Nito Mestre started getting involved in music while participating in a school band called La Indignación del Siglo. Soon after meeting local musician Charly García, he decided to create a new project named Sui Generis. After the band broke up in September of 1975, playing for the last time at Buenos Aires' Luna Park, Nito Mestre recorded Porsuigieco, later forming a folk-rock act called Los Desconocidos de Siempre along with guitarist Rodolfo Gorosito, bassist Alfredo Toth, keyboardist Ciro Fogliatta, drummer Juan Carlos Fontana, and singer María Rosa Yorio. In 1981, the singer went on his own, releasing 20/10, followed by 1983's Escondo Mis Ojos Al Sol. In 1984, Nito Mestre teamed up with Juan Carlos Baglietto, Celeste Carballo, and Oveja Negra, touring the country under an explicit slogan: We Sing for Love, Freedom, and Life. ~ Drago Bonacich

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