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This group formed in 1965 as the Bubbles and made their first single in 1966 -- two versions of hits by the Rolling Stones and the Shakers (a Uruguayan group).nnUpon returning to Brazil (they saw the Isle of Wight Festival in England), they decided to re-formulate themselves in a more Brazilian fashion and became A Bolha. To their chagrin, they were already well-established as the Bubbles and as a dance group. On their first gig after returning from London, the ballroom was crowded with 5,000 people, in the beginning; by the end, there remained 500. Moreover, the bill at the door said: "The Bubbles back from Isle of Wight!" But they retained the nerve and swagger to affirm their new selves. And in 1971 came their single "Sem Nada," with co-author, playwright Geraldo Carneiro, who is also a partner of various artists such as Egberto Gismonti, Tom Jobim, Astor Piazzola, Wagner Tiso, and Eduardo Souto Neto, a well-known conductor and producer. Working with Ivan Lins, Simone, and others since '70s, the latter was a runner-up in the VI Festival Internacional da Canção (the famous Brazilian version of the Eurovision Song Contest) and A Bolha won the Best Group Award.nnThe first LP, Um Passo à Frente, was recorded in 1973, and their second, É Proibido Fumar, in 1977. The only constant member in the band's career was guitarist Renato Fronzi Ladeira, son of Renata Fronzi, a well-known Brazilian actress. A Bolha members played with illustrious Brazilian artists like Gal Costa and Erasmo Carlos. They also fragmented into many other groups, such as A Cor do Som, Herva Doce, and others. ~ Cesar Lanzarini

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É Só Curtir - A Bolha!
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