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About Pânico
Chilean Latin rock band Pánico started getting involved in the local underground scene in the mid-'90s, founding its own label, called Combo Records, to release a self-titled debut album, followed by 1995's Canciones Para Aprender A Cantar. After signing up to EMI, the band recorded Pornostar and an EP called Surfin Maremoto in 1996. Known by their nicknames, Eddie Pistolas on vocals and guitar, Carolina Tres Estrellas on bass, Chow Cables on keyboards, and Memoria Radial on guitar, Pánico's musicians participated in a tribute album to local rock heroes Los Prisioneros, featuring "Quién Mató A Marilyn." After being signed up by French label Saint George, a hits compilation called Panorámico was released. ~ Drago Bonacich