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Spanish heavy metal band Tierra Santa emerged in 1997 comprising singer/guitarist Angel, guitarist Arturo, bassist Roberto, keyboardist Paco, and drummer Iñaki. A year later, the rock en español ensemble self-produced their debut album, called Medieval, soon after touring along with Avalanche and opening for Dio (the heavy metal quintet led by singer Ronnie James Dio). Locomotive Music signed them before releasing Legendario. In 1999, Tierra Santa joined British metal act Iron Maiden's tribute album Transilvania 666, covering "Flight of the Icarus." From February to March 2000, Tierra Santa recorded Tierras De Leyenda, followed by the maxi-single Cuando La Tierra Toca El Cielo, featuring contributions from Marivi Echaniz and Alicia Arguiñano on vocals. ~ Drago Bonacich

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