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A Static Lullaby
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About A Static Lullaby
The post-hardcore/alternative rock outfit A Static Lullaby came together after a casual high-school jam session convinced its participants to quit their existing bands and launch a new group. Formed in 2001 in Orange County, CA, the band's initial lineup comprised singer Joe Brown, bassist Phil Pirrone, drummer Brett Dinovo, and guitarists Dan Arnold and Nathan Lindeman. A Static Lullaby's first show occured two week's after this formation, and a buzz began to build as the band played additional gigs on the local circuit. They soon recorded and self-released the Withered EP, and Ferret Records signed the group during the summer of 2002.nn After recording an album with producer Steve Evetts (Snapcase, Hatebreed), A Static Lullaby released ...And Don't Forget to Breathe in March 2003. The album laid the foundation for the band's music, yet hinted at a creativity not yet completely tapped. Over a year of touring followed, which led to strained relations within the band, including the exit of founding member Dinovo (who returned to school after his departure). Nevertheless, A Static Lullaby soon upgraded their label to Columbia Records and began to work on a follow-up album. Faso Latido appeared in April 2005 with Lou Giordano (Sunny Day Real Estate, Taking Back Sunday) producing and Sammy Siegler (Youth of Today, Gorilla Biscuits) filling in on drums.nn With the album complete, the band prepared to search for a permanent drummer. However, Dinovo approached his old bandmates at a show and wound up rejoining the group in mid-2005. That same year also saw A Static Lullaby joining the popular Taste of Chaos tour alongside the Used and Killswitch Engage. More departures followed, though, and January 2006 left the band in an uncertain state after Pirrone, Dinovo, and Lindeman all left the group. A Static Lullaby had also been dropped by Columbia, having failed to sell enough copies of their sophomore album. Forging ahead, they were soon embraced by the California-based Fearless Records, and by March, Brown and Arnold had rounded out their band with the addition of guitarist John Martinez, bassist Dane Poppin, and drummer Jarrod Alexander. Working again with producer Evetts, the refreshed quintet issued a self-titled album in October and launched a tour alongside I Am Ghost. Additional lineup changes followed (Martinez left the group and was not replaced, while Tyler Mahurin stepped in for the departing Alexander), A Static Lullaby continued onward with the release of 2008's Rattlesnake!. ~ Corey Apar

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Cinematic Attractions - Single
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A Static Lullaby - A Static Lullaby
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