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Acid Death
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Most people believe that Greek thrash/death metal band Acid Death debuted in 1995 with Misled -- a split album with Spanish extremists Avulsed -- but they'd actually been around for almost five years, having already released a one-off single in Greece entitled "Apathy Murders Hope," in 1993. Settling upon a lineup consisting of Savvas Betinis (bass/vocals), Dennis Costopoulos (guitar), Themis K. (guitar), and Kostas Tsompanos (drums), the band then recorded a full-length album all their own, 1997's Pieces of Mankind. Themis K. left the group shortly thereafter, but Acid Death simply hired Nikos Andreadakis (guitar/keyboards) to replace him, and Acid Death soldiered on with 2000's Random's Manifest. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

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Primal Energies - Acid Death
Primal Energies
Godless Shrines - Single - Acid Death
Godless Shrines - Single
Life and Death (feat. Jon Soti) - Single - Acid Death
Life and Death (feat. Jon Soti) - Single
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