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An Australian country artist whose career saw many ups and downs, Adam Harvey got his start musically learning country classics on the guitar as a small boy. His first gig came at the age of ten, and by his school years he was performing rock covers at a club when he was discovered and went off on tour as support for Tania Kernaghan. In 1998, a collaboration with Tanya Self led to a Golden Guitar Award for Best Vocal Collaboration and -- not surprisingly -- a record deal. A trip to the Grand Old Opry to perform came shortly thereafter, but due to exhaustion and less-than-healthy life on the road, Harvey was felled on-stage with a heart condition that required professional attention. His first album turned out to be a bust, but Harvey soldiered on and his career went back on the upswing, as he won two Golden Guitars for his 2001 album Workin' Overtime. In 2007, his album I'm Doin' Alright was a Top 40 hit in Australia. ~ Chris True

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