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Los Angeles-based, Missouri-bred, electro-pop specialist Adam Tyler spent his teenage years soaking in the laser guided, disco ball rays of artists like the Spice Girls, TLC, Madonna, Robbie Williams, and the Fugees. After a brief stint at the Berklee School of Music in Boston, Tyler packed his bags for the U.K., hoping to follow in the footsteps of sympathetic, commercial pop trailblazers like Kylie Minogue and Robyn, but immigration had other ideas, and sent the disappointed artist back home the very same day. Relocating to Los Angeles proved more rewarding, resulting in locally popular demo, Lullabies for Rattlesnakes, followed by an infectious, club-ready single, "Friction," that quickly became his calling card. His full-length studio debut, Shattered Ice, arrived in August, 2011 on the independent Trending Records label. ~ James Christopher Monger

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Shattered Ice (Deluxe Edition) - Adam Tyler
Shattered Ice (Deluxe Edition)
Like a Drug - Adam Tyler
Like a Drug
Shattered Ice - Adam Tyler
Shattered Ice
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