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San Diego, CA

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While many of their metalcore contemporaries have brought keyboards into their sound, San Diego, California's Adestria take the concept one step further. Incorporating not just layers of synthesizers into their driving sound, but also more traditional piano lines, Adestria add a sense of classical drama to their trance-influenced metal excursions. With a lineup consisting of Matt Anderson (vocals), Russell Klein (guitar), Brian Stump (guitar), Chris Hardison (bass), Mikey Colasardo (keyboards), and Mike Yanez (drums), Adestria burst onto the Southern California music scene in 2008, quickly making a name for themselves as an undiscovered talent with their melodic yet aggressive metalcore sound, which they debuted for the world on their 2010 EP, Oh the Places You'll Go. The band was eventually snapped up by Artery Recordings, which released the band's full-length debut, Chapters, in 2012. ~ Gregory Heaney

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Oh the Places You'll Go - EP - Adestria
Oh the Places You'll Go - EP