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Spanish punk rock band Aerobitch burst into the local scene in the early '90s, sharing its first EP with a band called Frogger, and soon, participating in the soundtrack for the movie Killer Barbies. After founding its own label, Punch Records, Aerobitch released a second EP, recorded along with Fastfood. It was in 1996 when the band released its debut album, called C'mon Cop Make My Day, under Rumble Records. They later teamed up with American Loudmouths to make a new EP. After issuing Time to Start Kickin' Ass, the group started touring Europe, releasing Streamrollin in the year 2000. Known by their nicknames, Aerobitch consisted of singer Laura Bitch, guitarist Rockaway Bitch, bassist North Shore Bitch, guitarist Bitch the Kid, and drummer Txetxar Bitch. ~ Drago Bonacich

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An Urge To Play Loud - Aerobitch
An Urge To Play Loud
Time To Start Kicking' Ass - Aerobitch
Time To Start Kicking' Ass
Steamrollin' - Aerobitch
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